Do you know what’s blue?
That we are like you.
In my fantasies and dreams,
We are exactly like you.

We long for blood, that’s true
There’s no more precious bijou.
No more than water, love or sunshine
is mandatory for you.

Don’t die or get old, of course.
Some may think this is the worst curse.
Wisdom, glamour and allure
enough reasons to blur.

All your miseries, fears and screams.
Everything related to human beings.
None of this gets better.

I miss daylight, songs and taste the food,
Hearts beating, flowers about to bloom.
How did it feel when touching you,
And worrying about someone anew.

I recall life and how it was simple
When people were just people:
Cunts, cocks, passion and hard nipples,
And not something what to feed of…

I remember how it used to be
Laughting, crying, feeling
hapiness, sadness…, something.

Suddenly, she stopped her talk
Bells rang sunrise o’clock.
Are you crying? I inquired
Just before I opened my eyes.

We do not cry, she replied.
Pyre of tears burning on fire.
As always warned the crier,
That woman was a damned liar.